Posted by: sailingsequoia | May 2, 2011

Broken Bay/Pittwater 26 April – 2 May

Let's get Rick to explain this one!

After a lumpy ride through the Sydney Heads we had a fairly speedy journey to the next destination north. We spotted a large whale (sadly deceased)floating near Little Reef, about 50m inshore of Sequoia. It was later reported in the press as being a 12 tonne sperm whale, & removal after it washed up near Newport Beach caused the local NPWS a bit of a headache, as it had to be removed as was busily attracting hungry sharks. We enjoyed our stay in the Kuring-Gai Chase National Park. Overnight rain created beautiful cascading waterfalls at many of the anchorages.

Waterfall at Refuge Bay, Cowan Creek - Kuring-Gai National Park

Managed to cut out of the picture above the many permanent mooring bouys & accompanying motor boats.  We spent a night at Cottage Point & while there met Allan & Lynnie from Townsville, in their own ‘home away from home’ for the past 21 years, SV “Svanika”, a lovely 37 foot sloop.  In the following days we shared some anchorages & they told us tales of sailing around the world in Svanika to many remote locations such us to Alaska & South America.  Amazing photos, fancy having to get up in the morning to push off  “bits of berg” with the boat-hook, or sailing for 42 days across the Pacific.  Lynnie is an expert with the food & storage.

Peter, Lynnie, Allan & Kaylee Sharing a story or 2 onboard Svanika

Also, great to catch up again with Tony & Barb at home at Bayview, & do laundry, while enjoying a fantastic home cooked lunch.  The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club kindly provided us with hot showers, & the Mona Vale shops were just a short dinghy ride & walk away.  On Sunday night our friend Peter Cole kindly took us to the Royal Motor Yacht Club Bistro, for dinner, where Peter S. took on the worlds largest bowl of beer battered prawns imaginable.  Subsequently, a few regrets today have been murmered, & a definate end to the prawn fest for the foreseeable future is now in place. 

Are we having enough fun yet?

During our adventures, which included the Palm Beach Wine Cellar/Providore and a few other gems, (SALT) we received a visitor, Rudi, who is the author and creator of the yacht tracker SkipRnet. “It was no accident” that he anchored beside us, he reported with a grin.  We have seen some amazing yachts & catamarans, & have taken the odd photo for our own Rick L. One that we spied late last night looked like it had temporarily landed at RPAC  from outer space, but when I went in to photograph it this am, it had mysteriously vapourised, it was silver on silver, (& called “Richochet”) .   

Life on Scotland Island


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